National Occupational Standards

National Occupational Standards (NOS) define the measurable performance outcomes required from an individual engaged in a particular task. It lists down what an individual performing that task should know and also do. These standards can form the benchmarks for various education and training programs and recruitment range of HRM (Human Resource Management) practices.

KPMG Advisory Services Private Limited has been appointed by AASSC to develop NOS for various Job Roles cutting across the following five sub-sectors:

  • Aerospace Design & Development
  • Aerospace Manufacturing & Assembly
  • Airline Operations
  • Airport Operations, Cargo & Ground Handling
  • ¬†Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO)


NSDC Approved National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Various Job Roles of Aerospace & Aviation Sector Skill Council (AASSC)

SL NO. Job Role QP Code NSQF Level Sub Sector QP Link for Download
1 Airline High Lift Truck Operator AAS/Q0102 3 Airline pdf
2 Airline Cargo Assistant AAS/Q0103 3 Airline pdf
3 Airline Baggage Handler AAS/Q0104 3 Airline pdf
4 Airline Customer Service Executive AAS/Q0301 4 Airline pdf
5 Airline Reservation Agent AAS/Q0302 4 Airline pdf
6 Airline Security Executive AAS/Q0601 4 Airline pdf
7 Airline Ramp Executive AAS/Q0602 4 Airline pdf
8 Flight Dispatcher AAS/Q0603 4 Airline pdf
9 Airline Flight Load Controller AAS/Q0604 4 Airline pdf
10 Airline Cabin Crew AAS/Q0605 4 Airline pdf
11 Airline First Officer AAS/Q0606 6 Airline pdf
12 Airline Revenue Management Analyst AAS/Q0608 4 Airline pdf
13 Airline Network Planning Analyst AAS/Q0609 4 Airline pdf
14 Airline Senior Unit Load Device (ULD) Staff AAS/Q0610 4 Airline pdf
15 Airline Pushback Operator AAS/Q0702 4 Airline pdf
16 Other Equipment Operator AAS/Q0703 4 Airline pdf
17 Airline Fork Lift Operator AAS/Q0704 4 Airline pdf
18 Airline Technical Publications Executive AAS/Q0801 4 Airline pdf
19 Airline Ground Support Equipment Mechanic AAS/Q0802 4 Airline pdf
20 Aircraft Power plant Technician AAS/Q2001 4 MRO pdf
21 Aircraft Instrument Technician AAS/Q2002 4 MRO pdf
22 Composite Repair Technician AAS/Q2003 4 MRO pdf
23 Helicopter Transmission Technician AAS/Q2004 4 Airline pdf
24 Propeller Technician AAS/Q2006 4 MRO pdf
25 FOL Storage and control Technician AAS/Q2007 4 MRO pdf
26 Seat and Safety Equipment Technician AAS/Q2008 4 MRO pdf
27 Technical Service Engineer AAS/Q2101 5 MRO pdf
28 Airport Crash Fire Tenders and Rescue Crew AAS/Q4101 4 Airport pdf
29 Airport fire Prevention Crew AAS/Q4102 4 Airport pdf
30 Runway Operator AAS/Q4103 5 Airport pdf
31 Airport Wildlife Management Crew AAS/Q4104 4 Airport pdf
32 Airport Safety Crew AAS/Q4201 5 Airport pdf
33 Airport Unit Load Device (ULD) Staff AAS/Q4301 3 Airport pdf
34 Airport Cargo Operations Assistant AAS/Q4302 3 Airport pdf
35 Airport Warehouse Coordinator AAS/Q4303 4 Airport pdf
36 Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL) Technician AAS/Q4401 4 Airport pdf
37 Airport Terminal Electrician AAS/Q4402 3 Airport pdf
38 Airport X Ray qualified Staff AAS/Q4501 4 Airport pdf