Model Curriculum 

Various skill development programs, both governmental and corporate, will be rolled out shortly through our training partners at their training centers. Model curriculum for various approved Qualifications Pack/ Job Role can be downloaded from the table below.

NSDC Approved Model Curriculum for Various Job Roles of Aerospace & Aviation Sector Skill Council (AASSC)

Sl No Job Role QP Code NSQF Level Sub Sector Download Model Curriculum
1 Airline High Lift Truck Operator AAS/Q0102 3 Airline pdf
2 Airline Cargo Assistant AAS/Q0103 3 Airline NA
3 Airline Baggage Handler AAS/Q0104 3 Airline NA
4 Airline Customer Service Executive AAS/Q0301 4 Airline NA
5 Airline Reservation Agent AAS/Q0302 4 Airline pdf
6 Airline Security Executive AAS/Q0601 4 Airline pdf
7 Airline Ramp Executive AAS/Q0602 4 Airline pdf
8 Flight Dispatcher AAS/Q0603 4 Airline pdf
9 Airline Flight Load Controller AAS/Q0604 4 Airline NA
10 Airline Cabin Crew AAS/Q0605 4 Airline NA
11 Airline First Officer AAS/Q0606 6 Airline NA
12 Airline Revenue Management Analyst AAS/Q0608 4 Airline pdf
13 Airline Network Planning Analyst AAS/Q0609 4 Airline pdf
14 Airline Senior Unit Load Device (ULD) Staff AAS/Q0610 4 Airline pdf
15 Airline Pushback Operator AAS/Q0702 4 Airline pdf
16 Other Equipment Operator AAS/Q0703 4 Airline pdf
17 Airline Fork Lift Operator AAS/Q0704 4 Airline NA
18 Airline Technical Publications Executive AAS/Q0801 4 Airline NA
19 Airline Ground Support Equipment Mechanic AAS/Q0802 4 Airline NA
20 Aircraft Power plant Technician AAS/Q2001 4 MRO pdf
21 Aircraft Instrument Technician AAS/Q2002 4 MRO pdf
22 Composite Repair Technician AAS/Q2003 4 MRO pdf
23 Helicopter Transmission Technician AAS/Q2004 4 MRO NA
24 Propeller Technician AAS/Q2006 4 MRO pdf
25 FOL Storage and control Technician AAS/Q2007 4 MRO pdf
26 Seat and Safety Equipment Technician AAS/Q2008 4 MRO pdf
27 Technical Service Engineer AAS/Q2101 4 MRO pdf
28 Airport Crash Fire Tenders and Rescue Crew AAS/Q4101 4 Airport NA
29 Airport fire Prevention Crew AAS/Q4102 4 Airport NA
30 Runway Operator AAS/Q4103 5 Airport NA
31 Airport Wildlife Management Crew AAS/Q4104 4 Airport NA
32 Airport Safety Crew AAS/Q4201 5 Airport NA
33 Airport Unit Load Device (ULD) Staff AAS/Q4301 3 Airport NA
34 AAirport Cargo Operations Assistant AAS/Q4302 3 Airport NA
35 Airport Warehouse Coordinator AAS/Q4303 4 Airport NA
36 Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL) Technician AAS/Q4401 4 Airport NA
37 Airport Terminal Electrician AAS/Q4402 4 Airport NA
38 Airport X Ray qualified Staff AAS/Q4501 4 Airport NA