Content Development for ‘Participant Handbook ’ & ‘Facilitator Guide’
for AASSC Job Roles

Proposals are invited for Content Development for ‘Participant Handbook ’ & ‘Facilitator Guide’ for about 05 job roles (out of a total of 70 job roles) in the first stage of the process. The job roles with immediate requirement associated with Training Provider affiliations have been considered in Stage 1. A similar process will be followed for next set of Job roles as and when need arises.

Click below to download the RFQ and other relevant documents.

1. RFQ document Attachments to RFQ document
2. Annexure 1 – List of proposed job roles for Content Development
3. Annexure 2 – Sample Participant Handbook (PH) format
4. Annexure 3 – Sample Facilitator Guide format
5. Annexure 4 – Draft Contract document
6. Annexure 5 – Payment Terms
7. Appendix ‘A’ – Certificate of engagement with SSCs
8. Appendix ‘B’ – Details of Instructional Design experts on role
9. Appendix ‘C’ – Details of Domain Experts on role

Extension of Last date:

We have received overwhelming response to our above mentioned RFQ (dated 12 September 17, 2017)

In view of some requests and a few new stake holders who are ready to participate (in view of responses from our social media engagement), we are pleased to inform that the submission date for the same has been extended to 24 September 2017.

Kindly ensure that it reaches us by 24 Sep 17, 23:59 hrs.